Nostalgic List of How We Used to Get Our Music Before Spotify

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As time goes by, people look for new ways to listen and discover their favourite music in the easiest way possible. Over the last three years, Spotify has become the default app for music lovers who don’t have a particular liking for hard copies. Spotify allows you to stream endless amounts of music, while either listening to ads in between songs or paying for a subscription that allows you to listen to as many songs as you like, without ads.

Although, before Spotify was around, how did people get their favourite music without purchasing the hard copy? Here is a nostalgic list of music services people previously used to use that kept hundreds of millions of Euros from ever seeing the hands of famous artists.


A beloved, discontinued P2P file sharing client network for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Solaris. Limewire worked on the Gnutella and BitTorrent network. The software had freeware licensing and a 30% chance of downloading malware when looking for your favourite songs.

limewire file sharing


Unlike Limewire, Ares is still around and claims to be 100% malware free. Well, that’s a start. It also claims to be the most widely used P2P program today.


The last step, before I headed to Spotify. Grooveshark closed in 2015 after claims that after songs were taken down due to copyright infringement, they were quickly re-uploaded onto the site, this is where Apple decided to pull their iOS app.

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Napster is a multilingual P2P sharing platform. However, the company ran into copyright infringement issues and opted to change its service terms to a subscription type model which naturally led to the loss of users. Nowadays, Napster is expanding to other markets by providing music on demand as a service to other brands.

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This is where I stopped going to the cinema. I couldn’t get used to having to leave the house to watch a film anymore.

vuze download mac file sharing

These were our somewhat nostalgic list of services we sued to use before Spotify, Apple Music and Tydal. Now the artists get more paid for their efforts in royalties.

How many of these did you use before? Tell us in the comments below.