Nominate An Outstanding Young Person In Your Life!


On 7th December 2021, JCI Malta will be hosting the Ten Outstanding Young People of Malta (TOYP) Awards. These awards celebrate the achievements of young people who work hard for the betterment of their societies and are open to young people working in all sectors of society.

Nominations are open

Young in this scenario encapsulates people between the ages of 18 and 40 and must be native-born, naturalised citizens or applied for citizenship by 1st January of the previous year.

There are 10 categories within which people can be nominated, which are:

  • Business, economics and entrepreneurship
  • Contribution to world peace & human rights
  • Cultural achievements
  • Humanitarian or voluntary leadership
  • Medical innovation
  • Environmental leadership
  • Journalistic accomplishments
  • Political, legal and/or government affairs
  • Science and tech innovations

If you know of someone who fits into any of these categories and has marked themselves out as a special human being, then nominate them. If they win the local award, they’ll be chosen for the main international award. Nominees can only be entered into one of the above categories.

Previous winners

Winners from last year include Dr Andre Xuereb for academic leadership, Paul Caruana Galizia for his journalistic achievements as well as Dr Emilie Zammit Burg for her moral and environmental leadership, to name but a few.

JCI Malta awards the Ten Most Outstanding Young People for 2020 - Newsbook
Last year’s winners

Nominate someone who inspires you!