Why No One Answers Phone Calls Anymore

never picks up the phone

We live in a day and age where everything we do is instant, or at least really quick. Starting from ordering food from your phone on your sofa to grabbing a cab to work when your car just won’t start. Over the last few months, I’ve been noticing that less and less people pick up their phone (including myself) when someone is calling, especially if they don’t have the number saved. Here is a list of the reasons people use for not picking their phone up consistently:

Everyone I want to speak to is saved in my phone

The majority of the people I know, don’t usually answer incoming calls from numbers that aren’t saved in their phone already. Whether it’s your service provider calling to tell you about a new offer or when it’s nearing the general elections, candidates representatives calling you asking whether you voted or not.

unknown caller calling

I am sick of scam calls from Nigeria/India/everywhere else

No, I do not need any help with my Microsoft service, and neither do I have an ancestor who passed away in Nigeria and left all his riches to me. I will NOT be giving you my bank details, thanks and bye.

android p spam caller

When instant messaging you have time to think

When someone calls you, you have to give an answer there and then. No time for tiptoeing around plans trying to get out of them. The only other option you have is telling them that you aren’t sure, which is so much easier to do on Whatsapp. It doesn’t make your heart race or give you anxiety for the following ten minutes.

Phone calls are disruptive

Phone calls have to be taken there and then. You can’t postpone the phone call to when you aren’t working or busy. Phone calls make you lose your train of thought and this can be devastating, especially when trying to embark on new ideas.

Phone calls take time

The usual small talk. How are you, how’s work, what are you up to? Save it. I don’t have time for the small talk. Cut to the chase. Send me a message with exactly what you want to tell or ask me, and I will answer you in my own time.

Phone calls aren’t private

How often have you found yourself answering the phone and having to whisper or go to the next room to continue the conversation? This can all be solved by instant messaging. You can even use apps like Snapchat, if you are having a private conversation that you wouldn’t like them to have a copy of.

Have you noticed less people picking up calls? Tell us in the comments below.