New Opportunities For Graduates In Local Tech Sector


An agreement was signed between, the University of Malta and eight Italian universities which will eventually provide even more graduates ready to take on the tech industry in Malta. The initiative was supported by Silvio Schembri as Minister for the Economy and Industry, the Maltese ambassador in Italy Carmel Vassallo and Permanent Secretary Nancy Caruana.

Working closely together

There will be increased opportunities for Maltese tech students looking to study or even work in Italy, and the same goes for Italian students seeking the same opportunities in Malta.

“This will come following the needs of the industry and also to be able to bridge the gap through placements and internships”, explained Silvio Schembri. He also explained how the digital industry can’t move forward based solely on competition, but requires collaboration and sharing of knowledge. CEO Dana Farrugia also took to Facebook to congratulate all those involved in the project, especially the team which, despite the pandemic, managed to make good on their promise of delivering this initiative successfully.

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