New Online Platform Aims To Give A Voice To The People


Seven months after Tminta came about, helping people to kickstart their self-employed or freelancing careers, the founders have now set up a new exciting platform that provides the space for discussions on any topic under the sun.

Politics, sustainability issues, the Maltese language, the government’s plan for for the Covid-19 vaccination programme for the years to come… you name it! ‘xjismu‘ gives people the opportunity to share their thoughts on anything they’re passionate about.

As the creators of the platform put it, “Our mission is to facilitate how people in Malta communicate… Giving a voice to the people, that is why ‘xjismu’ was created”.

Uwejja bħalissa… X’JISMU?

Gadgets has spoken with Andrew Deguara, one of the platform’s co-founders, who explained that just as Tminta encourages people to kickstart their freelancing career, the sister concept ‘xjismu’ offers a platform that encourages discussions on any topic or issue within our community.

An open mind is the mastery of knowledge

Deguara tells us that ‘xjismu’ aims to serve as “a tool that empowers people by creating a safe space for everyone to speak their minds and engage in activism. It aims to initiate discussion, allow its users to connect with like-minded individuals and act as a voice for anyone who has an opinion to share”.

A Personalized Entity Repository in the Knowledge Graph

Rewards for active participation

‘xjismu’ does not only connect communities but it also awards its users with badges and points that are reflective of their active participation on the platform. The points allow users to access different user levels with increasing options to perform on the platform.

What are you particularly passionate about? Share your views and seek to get inspired on ‘xjismu’ via the website, mobile app or Facebook.