New Cyber Security Campaign Teaches Safe Online Practices


There’s no shortage of new ways for malicious hackers to attack our digital devices. Whether it’s scams, data leaks or password guessing, there’s always a new tactic. However, that doesn’t mean that we give in and don’t put up any form of defence. The first thing to do is make sure you’ve got a series of strong passwords.

Part of national strategy

Cyber Security Malta, which is part of Malta’s first National Cyber Security Strategy, brought the trio of Nate, Frank and Rossi to be the faces of their latest campaign.

What’s surprisingly true is that a number of black-hat hackers guess passwords, rather than have a program decrypt your secrets. Remember, SplashData once reported that the most-used password found in data breaches was “123456“.

Some friendly advice

What was also great to see was one person’s advice in the comments section. First, he pointed out something that even we at Gadgets are guilty of.

The next point is about what constitutes a strong password, and how the Maltese language might actually help you out!

And last but not least, the error of repeating passwords for different platforms.

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