Networking Matters


Meeting and connecting with people in person is what can open the right doors for your business. The key tool to any professional schmoozing: the humble business card, a simple piece of paper, with basic info printed on it, has remained the same for over 600 years.

Except now, thanks to eCards by ISB Technologies, this has now evolved. Forget stuffing your wallet with cards, or worrying about not having enough at your next mixer. With one eCard, you’ll be able to send all your info directly to others by simply tapping their smartphone ( iPhone or Android…they’re both compatible and no app is required)

Yep, one tap, and it’s all there: phone number, email, and links to your social media pages and website. Unlike paper cards, the info is editable, so you can easily keep it updated. No more ordering a whole new box of cards following a promotion!

The idea that anyone should have to order thousands of laminated rectangles just to pass on our information seems, in today’s age, incredibly wasteful, both financially and environmentally. This gets the job done in a clean, eye-catching way.

But the main reason why we love these ISB business eCards, though, is that (to quote Derek Zoolander) they’re really, really ridiculously good-looking. Sleek, sturdy, and in full colour, with a range of textures and embossing for your designer to play with. You can even get them made from bamboo or metal.

Ultimately, networking is about more than passing on info: it’s about making a great first impression, and having a smart business card helps us to stand out from the crowd. So for anyone wanting to make an impact professionally, and save some money and trees, the eCcard is the way to go…even Patrick Bateman would be impressed.