Netflix’s Spring Line Up Is Looking FRESH 🌷


While the soft lockdown slowly eases up and the Maltese outdoors beckon, for those looking to spend time indoors, Netflix is here to help with their latest release of movies and series.

The sleep guide

Top of the list is for those suffering from burnout, whether from work or simply life in general. Headspace Guide To Sleep is an animated series that shows the facts proved by science that help achieve the ultimate goal: a good night’s sleep.

It answers the questions of whether we truly need 8 hours of sleep; is taking your phone to bed with you really that bad; and what about sleeping pills? It’s a docu-series for our times when so many of us find it difficult to disconnect and sleep might be the only refuge.

The blockbuster

A modern classic that brings all the elements of yesteryear cult movies, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is coming to Netflix. Starting May 2nd, we’re guessing it’ll quickly make the Top 3 Most-Watched in Malta. And, since we’re talking of a Brad Pitt movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is also set for a Netflix appearance at some point next week too!

The devil in the detail

At one point it seemed like it was all over for Lucifer, the devil turned LA detective. Instead, in late May fans will be treated to Season 5 Part 2, continuing where Part 1 ended, where God himself showed up. Exciting times ahead!

Lucifer's Tom Ellis teases how God's arrival affects the Devil |

Legend of the game

Football fans who think there isn’t enough sporting action on Netflix will get their dose soon. The Divine Ponytail will tell the story of Roberto Baggio, one Italy’s best-ever football players, from his earliest days to his discovery of Buddhism. Airing May 26th.

Head to Netflix to find out the full list of what’s to come!