Netflix’s Glow Up Season 2 has landed!


Make-up enthusiasts rejoice! Netflix’s Glow up is back for season 2!

Anyone who loves make-up has probably binge-watched through the season 1 episodes of Glow Up in no time, back in March last year. Our thirst will surely and officially be quenched for season 2 which is now officially airing on Netflix. Let’s re-cap some season 1 looks to remind you all what an incredibly inspiring show it was when it came to such artistry.

Bellinda Chatertton – Paintbrush Challenge

Shy Bellinda didn’t show her true colours until episode 3, but when she did, she blew us away with a jaw dropping look. The tear illusions make-up which were streaming down her face were literal perfection which complemented a streaky smear of colour all the way up to her hair, finishing it off with a fascinating paintbrush in her hair for an extra edge to the look.

Bellinda Chatertton X Paintbrush Challenge

Stephnie Harrison – Half Face Mono Chrome Make-Up

Again, the challenge here was to show two sides of one’s personality and Stephanie Harrison went all out. Wanting to show off her beautiful colourful soul on her skin while contrasting with a black and white half-face to reflect her tough childhood.

Stephanie Harris X Half Face Make-Up

Leigh Easthope – Ink Blot Make-Up 

Leigh was a particularly interesting character on the show being partially colour-blind. This can be an extreme challenge when it comes to the make-up world. Something as simple as choosing the right foundation shade could be a nightmare. Still, Leigh made it work, and this black and white look is reflective of ink blots on paper. You can make out some of the popular ink-blot test shapes.

Leigh Easthope X Ink Blot Make-Up

Bellinda Chatertton – Moon Scene Make up

This look was as intrepid and as inspiring as Bellinda’s paint brush look. An entire moonlit scene over the ocean was truly breath taking. 

Bellinda Chatterton X Moon Scene

Ellis Atlantis – Colour Extravaganza

Ellis Atlantis went all out with these bold colours for his last look on the show. The judges commended him on his daring choice and his digital looking make-up look. The depth which came about from the shadowing of the colours was also highly praised. 

Ellis Atlantis X Colour Extravaganza

These were just a few of the gorgeous make-up looks which were created on the show in season 1. Season 2 should have so much more in store for us. Let’s get those make-up brushes cleaned up and ready to try some of them ourselves.