Mondays Aren’t Always That Bad!


Following last year’s prime time success the Gadgets team will be working tirelessly throughout the Summer months whilst you get to enjoy some time to unwind and sip some cold drinks by the sea. So put the AC on, grab an ice cold drink, sit back and chill with Ian and Rachel.

This Summer, Gadgets will be airing every Monday evening at 9PM on TVM with a repeat at our regular Saturday 6:15PM. 

The only local Tech Influencers will be bringing you the latest news and updates from the tech market around the world including unboxings and fun, detailed reviews with one aim – to inform and educate our audiences with the latest technology news.

This Summer make sure you do 3 things – Chill out, wear sunblock and most importantly…. tune into Gadgets every Monday at 9pm and keep an eye out for updates on all Gadgets platforms including FB / IG / WEBSITE!