MITA To Launch The National Cybersecurity Competence Centre During ‘cyber ROOT’ Conference


The Malta Information Technology Agency’s (MITA) annual conference on cybersecurity is back – cyber ROOT will be held on Wednesday 26th October 2022 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

It is the fourth year running that cyber ROOT is being held, and this year’s conference returns in its ‘physical’ form. It will finally be again held in person after a two-year break (the 2020 and 2021 events were held online due to restrictions brought about by the Covid pandemic).

What should we expect from this year’s conference then and who is it intended for? MITA has announced that the highlight of this year’s conference will be the launch of Malta’s National Cybersecurity Competence Centre.

Cybersecurity is a national priority

And because cybersecurity is a national priority, the conference aims to bring together businesses of all sizes as well as startups, representatives of public entities and professionals, particularly those working in the fields of academia, research and innovation, ethics, legislation and regulatory systems.

And of course if you’re generally interested in cybersecurity, this conference is definitely for you!

The conference will give attendees the opportunity to network, potentially come across new cybersecurity opportunities and learn about the role and responsibilities of the National Cybersecurity Competence Centre (NCC) towards the community. The NCC team will be available to answer questions and give insight into how the newly set up Centre can be beneficial to us all.

Cyber attacks can be extremely damaging to public and private entities alike

What are the repercussions of cyber attacks? They can translate to loss of sensitive data, hours of work lost, reputational damage, loss of customers and financial problems among other issues.

Speakers at the conference will be discussing the importance of making sure you are protected. For startups, for instance, cybersecurity is an important means of getting the protection they need in order to be attractive to investors. But of course no business is immune, irrespective of their size or how long they’ve been established.

At the end of the day, every public and private entity has valuable data, meaning that they’re all at risk.

Keynote speakers at the conference include, the Principal Permanent Secretary at Malta’s Office of the Prime Minister, Tony Sultana, the Chair of the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre and MITA CEO Emanuel Darmanin.

Full conference details including the list of speakers and the agenda can be found on MITA’s website.

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