Miriam Dalli: Malta Could Serve As Solar Powered Tech Testing Ground


Yesterday the Eurelectric forum came to its conclusion, and it’s not just Europe that’s happy with what came out of it. Malta in particular has plenty to look forward too, and after speaking with Miriam Dalli, Malta’s Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Minister, we found out why.

Future’s looking bright

In comments to Gadgets, Minister Miriam Dalli explained that with Malta experiencing an annual 3,000 hours of sunshine, this was a renewable resource that our islands should maximise.

“The technology is evolving and I believe that as a country we should be at the forefront of this innovation, whether to serve as a testing ground or as a manufacturing investment. Just imagine the potential when the industry is already creating prototypes of solar-powered cars.”

It’s not just our climate that’s favourable though, as Dr Dalli explained. Our topography of uphills and downhills makes it an ideal testing ground. Also, the ministry is currently working to ramp up the number of charging points across Malta and Gozo.

Europe’s outlook

From the report drawn up for the Eurelectric event, we saw that every 10th new passenger car sold in Europe was electric or plug-in hybrid. It marks a decisive moment in the continent reaching its 30%-40% electric vehicle sales by 2030. This now means that our carbon-reduction targets are actually achievable.

The forum’s goal is to electrify Europe’s vehicle fleet of 63 million cars, vans, buses and trucks, operated by private companies or public authorities. There are 5 actions needed to reach that goal:

  • Cohesive regulation: What are the key regulatory measures to be taken at a European and national level to accelerate the rollout of EVs and their necessary infrastructure whilst tackling the bottlenecks that accompany the increase in demand?
  • Funding models: How can support schemes, funding mechanisms and regulatory frameworks accelerate and streamline the implementation of infrastructure for clean means of transport?
  • Supply chain: What opportunities for local battery manufacturers, renewable energy generators, job markets and customers are brought about by fleet electrification?
  • Physical infrastructure: How can increased cooperation between the authorities and grid and charge point operators lead to an optimal deployment of charging points and ensure a seamless driving experience?
  • Digital interface: Why are standard interoperability protocols, simplified authentication procedures, and efficient exchanges of data a must?

If Minister Dalli’s aspirations do come to fruition, Malta will more than do its part in helping reach that goal.

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