Midterm Exams: Gadgets that will Help You Nail ‘em


Alas it’s January! With exams around the corner, it is one of the most stressful months of the year. We’ve all been there – spending hours in a coffee shop studying with friends and running checklists of what we need for study time. Highlighter (check), coloured biros (we must section notes by colour) and of course our Smartphone.

Well, at this point, our Smartphone is more of a distraction but the need to check Instagram to see who is knee deep in their studies is too great! We haven’t even had time to catch up on our favourite Netflix series and our social life has taken a backseat. Life looks like its paused momentarily but fret not, we have gadgets to help you during exam time.

Smart Home Device

google mini homeSometimes during exam period, even typing a search in Google can seem too time-consuming. With home systems like Google Mini Home, you can ask all your study-related queries to Google Assistant and it will do the online searching for you. A much-needed study buddy when you need it the most!

Moleskine Smart Notebook

Still using your ordinary ballpoint pen and paper? It’s so old school! Why not try the Moleskine Smart Writing Set which allows you to write notes in a reusable notepad using a normal ballpoint pen. The notes can then be uploaded to DropBox, Evernote, iCloud and many others.

Dragon Anywhere App

dragon anywhereDragon Anywhere app – the must-have study app – writes notes, composes messages and writes emails from your own voice command. The app also dictates notes, even long chunks, without shutting down – ideal for digitizing lecture notes you took in class.

Free Hour App

Free Hour AppIf you’re in between lectures and feeling lonely studying on your own, you can make use of Free Hour app to find out who is free from lectures at the same time as you and find a study-buddy.


Nowadays we are so inundated with information – pages from lectures, online journals and study notes all vying for our attention, it is hard to see where to store them all. Ensuring we have enough space has become a priority and a portable external storage device gives us the additional space we need. It stores all your information on the move and can upload data from your friend’s devices in a portable way.

Pomodoro Apps

Pomodoro app

Many apps are being created to mimic the Pomodoro technique – a management method enabling you to use your time more efficiently and effectively. There are various Pomodoro apps such as Be Focused making use of this technique to help you stay focused on your studies.

Take a break!

take a breakWith all that studying and hard work you deserve a much-needed break – so don’t forget to set an alarm for your break time – or even better –  Just ask Google Assistant to do it for you!

How do you cope during exam season? Let us know in the comment section below.