Mentrepreneurial: Local Entities Band Together In Support Of Mental Health


We’ve spoken at length about the importance of mental health and taking breaks from the always-connected world we live in. It is of course the same for entrepreneurs at every level, which has led to a very specific programme designed by Richmond Foundation and Malta Enterprise and Business 1st.

Building resilient minds

Mentrepreneurial (Ment+) is a programme designed to equip business owners with the right tools to build more resilient minds, ready to face the challenges brought about in the business environment by the Covid-19 pandemic. The project is being supported by The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Malta Chamber of SMEs.

The basis for the programme is three-fold. The first is a set of six training videos, developed by the Richmond Foundation, which are available on-demand and can be watched anywhere, anytime. Topics range from self-care for leaders to the importance of getting help on time among others.

The second pillar is therapy. Each therapy programme will be tailor-made for each applicant and is, of course, run in complete confidentiality. Up to 4 free therapy sessions to business owners on a first-come-first-served basis. Applicants who would like to know if they qualify can click here.

The third part is that of an always-open channel of communication. The Ment+ programme offers unlimited access to Richmond’s mental wellbeing helpline 1770 and online chat at This way, no matter what time you feel the onset of a panic attack, or require any form of help, these channels offer a safe place to share feelings and get advice on the way forward.

There’s also another option

Aside from the online videos mentioned above, the Richmond Foundation will also be offering in-person one-to-one sessions, which allow for a more in-depth assessment of the individual. One of the better things to come out of this pandemic has been the increased awareness of mental health, which was probably swept under the rug way too often.

Many people will face some mental health issues at some point or other, and entrepreneurs were not immune to the new onset of challenges faced over the past month, which shows just how important it is to seek help, and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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