Memorandum Of Understanding Signed Between MCST & Chamber of Engineers


On the 3rd of August 2021, the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and the Chamber of Engineers (CoE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recognising the different, yet complementary roles of the two entities, within science and technology. 

Encouraging research & innovation

The MoU will see MCST and CoE working together to promote research funding opportunities to the engineering community, as well as share and showcase successful funded projects.

This MoU will realise a beneficial synergy between MCST, a research-incentivising entity, and CoE, a voluntary organisation representing the engineering profession. Whilst the CoE supports the local engineering community in a variety of ways, the CoE is also keen on encouraging research and innovation led by engineers to provide for the advancement of science in various sectors.

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R&I is indeed key to economic competitiveness, sustainability and resilience in today’s markets. At the same time, engineers often play a central role within research across a number of fields.

The signing took place between Dr Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Executive Chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology and Inġ. Malcolm Zammit & Inġ. Robert Busuttil, President and Vice President of the Chamber of Engineers.

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Promoting R & I

Dr Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Executive Chairman of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, said that: “MCST is actively engaged in promoting Research and Innovation in Malta and offers funding opportunities for basic and applied research. Collective endeavours with local organisations working in the field are key to realising this vision.”

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“We, therefore, value collaborative initiatives such as that which has now been established with the Chamber of Engineers. The memorandum of understanding signed between the two parties will see us cooperating to promote research funding opportunities amongst the engineering community, as well ­­­­as showcasing successful funded projects.”

Inġ. Malcolm Zammit, President of the Chamber of Engineers, said that: “One of the core missions of the CoE is to promote the science and practice of engineering. As representatives of engineers, we seek to provide members of the profession with more opportunities, and a relevant way to do so is through collaborations with entities sharing similar missions.”

“This memorandum of understanding provides more space for collaboration with MCST for the benefit of the engineering community and the continued dissemination of science, technology and research & innovation.”

About the entities

MCST is a governmental entity overseen by the Ministry For Equality, Research and innovation (MFER). As part of its multi-faceted remit with respect to science and technology Research and Innovation (R&I), it acts as the managing authority for a number of national R&I funding programmes, as well as for the national element of a number of bilateral and multilateral international funding programmes.

MCST is also the national contact organisation for the EU Framework Programme, Horizon Europe. MCST offers a number of funding opportunities for basic and applied research, and actively promotes investment in R&I. These opportunities are particularly relevant to the engineering community. 

The Chamber of Engineers is a voluntary organisation representing Engineers in Malta and caters for the safeguarding and advancement of the engineering profession. The CoE provides a voice to engineers through various representations and is an affiliated member of the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI).

The CoE works towards the continuing development of its members and the profession through various initiatives including networking, training, events and opportunities such as the dissemination of funding programmes.

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