Meet the BIG Winners of the GADGETS Frampaign Competition

Frampaign Winners

As you may recall, in July here at Gadgets we felt it right to reward the creative and adventurous minds that launched a website during the COVID era with a fully-fledged, FREE-OF-CHARGE marketing campaign. That’s why it’s Frampaign! FRee-cAMPAIGN (get it?!)

Therefore, we issued a call for participants and after much deliberation, we’re super stoked to announce Malta Virtual Mall as the competition winners!

About the winners

It came about thanks to two IT specialists and best buds, Marc Tabone Ferrante and Malcolm Portelli. They cooked up the idea in April, and one month later was served.

Marc Tabone Ferrante and Malcolm Portelli
(from left to right) Marc Tabone Ferrante and Malcolm Portelli

The platform brings together all of Malta’s leading brands (about 400 of them) that have an online store in one website that’s both easy to use and well categorised (OCD people, rest easy). It offers an ad-free experience where search results are relevant, whether you’re searching for a category (fashion, butchers, gaming, etc) or a specific item by name (Samsung Galaxy S10).

Speaking to Marc after notifying them of their victory, he feels that the long hours they spent working after their full-time jobs have been vindicated. “It was difficult of course having to get it done after the day job, but keep in mind that neither of us is a graphic designer by trade, so it feels extra special to get this kind of recognition!” As for the website’s future, for now, they’re just looking to increase traffic, awareness and then followers. In the long term future though, there’s room to grow and plenty of ideas in the pipeline, “but anything we add will be added without impacting what makes the website so special, namely the clean and tidy look and feel”.

Tajjeb għax tajjeb, tajjeb ghax b’xej!

“It’s good because it’s good, and it’s good cause it’s free!” would be the translation of a popular Maltese saying, and it’s completely true in this case.

We’re giving them a multi-faceted marketing campaign, so you’ll definitely be seeing MVM web banners, pop-ups and a fancy video about their website – because yes, we’re cool that way. Much like us, their goal is to offer something that makes life easier for the user, as well as a would-be user.

Online shopping has been constantly rising, aided further by the lockdown. Where before one would flock to Amazon, you can now keep your money out of Mr Bezos’ pockets and make use of a local website that has no commission from sales and does not sell ad space. Better yet, the MVM platform does not discriminate, meaning all stores no matter their size are placed on equal footing. Also, if there’s something we support, it’s endorsing and empowering local businesses #PowerToThePeople

“We’re not in it for the money”, Marc states. “It’s free to list, free to search and free from ads! We hope that with the marketing package to come and its super user-friendly nature, the website can continue growing!” Though they might seek to monetize eventually, the only way they would do so is by keeping it clean and simple the way it is now.

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