Meet Malta’s Tech Gurus: Daniela Attard, Cartoon Network

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Daniela Attard is a Junior design and Illustrator at Turner. Turner is the company behind Cartoon Network Europe, Boomerang and CNN. Daniela is an illustrator that specialises in visual development, character design, game design, sequential narratives, product design and animation.

Daniela seems to be living a designer and illustrator’s dream working at Cartoon Network Europe, starting off her designs as sketches and watching them come to life.

Self portrait by Daniela Attard
Self-portrait by Daniela Attard

Were design and illustration something you always wanted to do? Or did you come to this line of work through the path of your life?

I became interested in art and illustration in my preteen years thanks to online games and cartoons. I started keeping sketchbooks and drawing on practically any surface that was at hand. We didn’t have the option to study art so I actually took a science route until first year of university. I resigned within a few months and went for a Ba in art history. It wasn’t my cup of tea but I spent 3 years drawing after (and during) classes. I left Malta in 2012 to pursue an MA on illustration hoping to get an “art school” style experience, however, most of my skills came from spending hours drawing and making work.

What was it like embarking on and becoming part of such a project?

I’ve been working at Cartoon Network for 4 years now and I’m still semi in disbelief that it has worked out for me. In the first few months I learned a lot of new skills during work hours and it took a while to fully integrate within the team. However this was my first industry based job so many things were new to me.

If you had to compare working in the two countries, what are some things that are very different over there than in Malta?

I think it’s the scale of things that really makes it different. Of course, this affects the sort of work opportunities available especially when living in a major city. There is a lot of talent in Malta – however, here in the UK I am fortunate to work and mingle with international artists.

What piece of advice would you give to Maltese people in the tech and computer science space?

Follow study pathways that you like rather than going along with the current or comfortable options. There are opportunities around you and overseas. Have a sense of entrepreneurship as this will always help you along the way.

Daniela Attard illustrator work

How was the interview routine at Cartoon Network Europe?

I started off as an intern. I think it’s quite common to do internships to gain ground in the creative industry sphere. Thankfully I proved my worth and was offered a full-time position after.

What inspires you to create and express yourself through art?

I have an itch to make stuff and draw all the time. It’s hard to explain but I think the main driving force behind it is disliking time wasting (although breaks are important!)

What else can we expect to see in the future?

I can’t discuss much regarding work itself due to NDA issues however I’m always working on new exciting projects at work and at home!
(Hint – I’m quite active on my art Instagram account @ielladoodle)

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