Meet Malta’s Latest Green Initiative


What happens when 3 friends with different talents but sharing a common focus centring on environmental awareness and sustainability get together? Usually, something good. And in the case of Greenie Malta, it’s very good.

What’s the message?

The refreshing thing about this page is the variety they bring to their message. It’s not solely looking at reducing waste, simply because that’s just one way of connecting with people. “Our long term goal is to actually leave a mark”, they told us. “We know this might seem a huge goal, but we’ve already received loads of support.”

There’s more though. “We also want to focus on companies, restaurants and the like that sell or promote sustainable products. We must raise the demand level of environmentally-friendly products to bring about a reduction in prices”. Their Instagram page is an absolute treat too. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly recipes, jokes, news bites, and upcycling ideas all feature, but it’s also the way they’re delivered.

Of particular interest is the upcycling trend that we surely encourage people to follow. Basically, it’s about finding a second life for objects that you might otherwise throw away. Whether it’s old clothing repurposed into cushions, tin cans into pots or wooden pallets into decorative features, there’s always a secondary purpose for most objects.

It’s all about location

Another thing the group is trying to do is highlight some of Malta’s more picturesque sites and sights. Places that we might take for granted now are so likely to be under threat if we fail to address certain issues of waste management, and it’s thanks to groups like Greenie that the message is actually getting across.

Certainly for the time they’d like to remain anonymous in terms of members so that the spotlight is always focused on their message, and not on any individuals. And for that, we can only applaud them.