Med-Tech World Is Back And Hopes To Emerge As One Of The Leading Health Tech Conferences In Europe


Following the success of last year’s Med-Tech World conference, Dr Dylan Attard MD, MRCSI, MEnt. is looking to build on last year’s success for this year’s event, which will be held in Malta on the 17th and 18th November 2022. In fact, Med-Tech World is looking to emerge as one of the leading health tech conferences in Europe.

Gadgets caught up with the Dr Attard to learn more…

Malta at the forefront of Digital Health

Looking to build on last year’s success, the event boasts a fantastic line-up of international speakers from institutions such as the World Health Organisation, as well as multinational conglomerates such as Microsoft, Medtronic and Novartis. Med-Tech World also has the backing of the Maltese Government, and of course the Health Ministry.

This year’s agenda is particularly exciting as the event will explore some of the most relevant topics in health tech including AI, Blockchain, Web 3.0, IoMT and more.

A number of high profile deals expected to be closed during Med-Tech World

There will be two stages and an exhibition area, which will also include a start-up village that is intended to foster an atmosphere conducive to networking. Similarly to what happened during last year’s event, Dr Attard expects a number of high profile deals to be closed during Med-Tech World.

The overarching aim of the event is to continue positioning Med-Tech World as one of the leaders in the health tech arena. The event will also serve to continue supporting startups and giving them a voice on an international stage – ultimately they are the disruptors in the scene.

Showcasing Maltese innovation in digital health

During this year’s event, Dr Attard also wants to showcase Maltese innovation in digital health; to this end, they have dedicated time and energy to make sure that Maltese start-ups are represented both on-stage, as well off-stage in the exhibition area.

The target audience for Med-Tech World is really anyone and everyone who wants to be involved in the fields of digital health, health-tech and med-tech. Whilst the content will be thought-provoking and in rare instances may be somewhat technical, the speakers will seek to keep everyone engaged during their presentations or panel discussions, in turn creating the perfect forum to breed formative discussions.

Having said this, Med-Tech World is especially tailored for healthcare professionals, startups and businesses operating in the health industry, regulators, as well as investors.

The preliminary agenda for the event can be accessed on the Med-Tech World website. A quick look and the names of some high-profile speakers immediately catch your eye:

  • Hugh Harvey, Managing Director Hardian Health
  • Dr Deborah Maufi Maternal, Newborn & SRHR Health Literacy
  • Fran Ayalasomayajula , President Reach
  • Ruthy Kaidar, Director, Health, Central & Eastern Europe at Microsoft 
  • Giovanni Lauricella, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Lifeblood Capital 
  • Dominick Kennerson Global Head G4A – Digital Health Partnerships at Bayer 
  • Prof. Michael Miller WHO Digital Health Technical Advisory Group 
  • Adrian Attard Trevisan Managing Director at Umana Medical (GPI group) / Investor at 3 Capital
Med-Tech World’s international presence is growing at a fast pace

Med-Tech World has already grown at an incredibly fast rate over the last three years, and Dr Attard intends to keep that momentum going. This year, the organisers went international by hosting side rooms at SiGMA’s conferences in Dubai, Toronto and Belgrade.

Med-Tech will continue expanding its international presence by participating in gatherings in different cities across the globe. Additionally, as Med-Tech continues to push to be one of the largest summits of innovation and health tech in Europe, and the plan is also to soon start hosting a quarterly summit in every continent.

Are you interested in learning more? Visit for more information and to find out how to register. Also be sure to use promo code GadgetsatMTW22 for a 25% discount.