New Platform Compares TV, Mobile & Internet Service Prices


Yesterday, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) officially launched Telecosts. It’s a free and independent price-comparison tool which assists consumers in selecting the most suitable service plan/s for their electronic communications needs by comparing the prices of various services offered by all the different local service providers.

Invaluable & transparent

In an event held at the MCA’s offices, Hon. Silvio Schembri, Minister for the Economy and Industry, was in attendance and has high hopes for the project. “Malta already ranks in the top 5 EU countries in terms of digital progress made in 2020. I would like to thank MCA for the balance they bring, especially as a regulatory authority that encourages competition in the market”, he said. He also emphasised the importance of how this project is consumer-centric and is of benefit to the people.

“The success achieved in the Maltese economy would never have been possible, if not for the advanced infrastructure of the telecommunications sector. This is particularly true at a time when we are looking at the diversification of the Maltese economy into technologically advanced sectors.”

Mr. Jesmond Buġeja, CEO of the MCA, also emphasised how Telecosts will be invaluable in helping people get the most out of their chosen service plan, by providing transparent, up-to-date, and comparable information from all local service providers.

Jesmond Buġeja, CEO of the MCA

By visiting the website,, consumers can conveniently compare all the available local tariff plans for mobile telephony, fixed telephony, internet, as well as bundled services for telephony, internet and TV.

How it works

The portal only needs visitors to complete a short series of questions. From there, the platform filters the choices available based on the answers provided. The results are sorted in order of price, with the cheapest monthly option appearing first.

The MCA is constantly monitoring the telecoms market, finding out what shapes it. That way, they can stay on top of consumers’ developing needs. The most recent data collection of autumn 2020 reveals a total of over 210,000 fixed broadband subscriptions. Basically, that’s an increase of 5.4% over 2019 in the same period. Mobile phone subscriptions saw an increase of almost 19,000 to reach over 635,000, with a very high proportion being bundle-purchased.

Therefore, the MCA will display as wide a choice as possible to consumers, so that people can make their most informed choices to date, and can confidently choose the offer that suits their needs most.

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