Why was GADGETINA shocked when she saw her 20 year old self on VHS?


Wait, is that really Martina? We almost didn’t recognise her – and we think even she had trouble recognizing herself! Martina had a cringe-fest after re-living her old VHS tape on DVD.  Rachel had an emotional throwback when she saw her father once again by revisiting her old video recordings. Here is why we think you should digitize your VHS collection.


Relive old memories of the people we love

Sometimes we might feel we lost contact with loved ones who have passed away. But when we watch special moments spent with those who are not with us anymore, old memories are brought to life. Taking a trip down memory lane can remind us of the great times we have had with the people we love.

Remembering your 80s perm

Perms were big in the 80s, fashioned by the trendiest teens and grandmothers alike. They were big, puffy and at times frizzy. And it’s still fun to watch family and friends sporting this iconic hairstyle on our old videos.

Create a keepsake for a loved one

It is a beautiful gesture to help someone relive memories of their loved ones. If you’re looking to give a special gift, create a keepsake DVD of a day which is memorable to someone you care about. This special gift will show them how you truly listen and care about what it is important to them.

Digitize and edit old videos

If you are nostalgic over a special day and wish to share the nostalgia with all your friends, you can digitize your old videos. By digitizing your old VHS, you can edit and upload all your old VHS recordings on digital platforms.

Keep a library of special occasions

Ever wanted to look back at a special occasion such as a Holy Communion or a wedding? You can gather all your special occasion VHS and convert them. In this way you create a library of special occasion DVDs.

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