Mamma Mia! 6 Tips For Spending Mother’s Day Safely Away From Mum


10th of May is Mother’s day, and it’s fast approaching. Now’s the time to hit pause of day-to-day life, and think for a moment about all the things our lovely mums have done for us, and how much they’ve had to put up with (sorry about the messy room, Ma!). You may think that celebrating Mother’s Day can be forgotten due to the social-distancing rule… No way! Here are 6 ways you can make your mum’s day without leaving home.

1) Have a Video-Call Lunch

Sure, restaurants can be closed. But take a leaf out our tech-away series, and have a video call over some tasty delivery. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to be snacking on fast food (Though there’s nothing wrong with that). These days even fancy-pants restaurants are delivering, so you enjoy some seriously classy nosh together.  

2) Movie Night

Movie Nights are always a classic way to kick back and relax together, and with streaming services so easily available, you can easily coordinate a movie night together from your own homes, and then chat about it after. We recommend you give the GO TV app a try… our team tried it out and loved it. 

3) Yoga Morning

A lot of us are finding ourselves trying to keep fit indoors, and it can be hard to keep motivated. So why not team up with mum, and make an activity of it? There are plenty of free Yoga apps and videos you can share together. Video-call each other and have a laugh trying to keep up with the instructor. Don’t worry: after weeks of isolating, none of us are in great shape.

4) Send Her Something She Needs

Of course, there’s no excuse not to send a gift. Your mum might well be in need of some handy tech to stay connected at home. Whether it’s a good webcam for video calls, or a new phone she’s in need of, you’ll find countless great gift ideas at AtoZ Electronics’ website. Before you do, why not take a peek at a video we made all about the gadgets that help during lockdown.

5) Send Her Something She’ll Love

Of course, gifts don’t need to be things that are necessary, they can simply be enjoyable. And we can think of nothing a mum would enjoy more than relaxing those COVID anxieties away in a luxurious bath. Soap Cafe is heaven for those who enjoy a bit of self-pampering, and their range of soaps will make washing hands feel like a treat. Since it seems like it’s a last minute gift, you can easily get her a voucher from here.

6) Don’t Forget Her Pet!

If your mum is a pet-owner, you probably know how it is. Dogs, cats, even budgies can become like their children, especially when the real kids have all fled the nest.  Giving their beloved animal a gift will be very much appreciated.  Borg Cardona Pet Supplies has a lot to choose from. Happy pet, happy mum!

Sure, there’s no denying that this Mother’s day is going to be different. No matter what technology allows for, it won’t be the same as actually being together. Still, as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. So put in a little effort, and make this a Mother’s Day she’ll always remember.