Maltese Woman’s Explicit Video Goes Viral; Police Begin Investigation


Before we get into the details of the video, Gadgets encourages people to stop sharing such content, and if possible convince the sender to delete it. That video was meant to be private and should not have been shared.

Merits of investigation

The video, showing a young Maltese woman sexually pleasuring herself, has gone viral across the island, and any case of unconsented sharing is being investigated. That means not only is the original share being looked at, but any subsequent forwards of the explicit content.

Maltese law states that anyone found to have shared the video is liable to a fine of up to €5,000 and up to two years imprisonment. It’s not Malta’s first case of the sort, after a man in 2018 was fined for sharing a video of his ex performing a sexual act on him.

Widespread condemnation

What was heartening to see was the support, and condemnation shared by the local celebrity contingent for victim and digital aggressors respectively. One particular opinion aimed at people sharing the video read thus: “You’re not just part of the problem, you are the problem. If this was any other woman you cared about, you wouldn’t be reacting like this. This could potentially push someone to harm themselves, and their blood is on your hands.”