Maltese Triathlete To Cycle 48 Hours Non-Stop To Raise Funds For Animal Shelters


If there’s one thing we love at Gadgets other than tech itself, is using digital platforms for great causes. That’s why we’re 100% behind Fabio Spiteri, one of Malta’s more renowned triathletes, who’s about to embark on a 48-hour non-stop cycling trip around Sicily. Why? To raise some €50,000 for 18 animal shelters in Malta and one in Sicily!

Progress before the start

What’s certainly heartening is the fact that, as at the time of writing, the €14,000 mark has already been reached, and he hasn’t even begun his cycling journey yet!

Posting in popular groups such as RUBS Puppy Love and The Salott to further raise awareness has certainly helped Spiteri’s cause. Though already an animal lover and a proud dad of four dogs, exactly two weeks prior to tomorrow’s exertions, Stevie, a blind puppy, did more than just steal Spiteri’s heart.

He added fuel to Spiteri’s burning passion for providing a voice to the voiceless. It’s fuel that he’ll surely need if Spiteri is to complete his 48-hour trip around the Sicilian coastline, but with his athletic abilities and the noblest of causes, we have no doubt that Spiteri will succeed in reaching the two-day target as well as the €50,000 mark!

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