Maltese Stylist Caroline Paris invited to speak at Google Event

Caroline Paris Featured Image

Stylist and Fashion Blogger Caroline Paris was invited to speak at Googles SearchIs20 event in Brussels yesterday. Commemorating their 20th Anniversary, SearchIs20 was part of the Grow with Google initiative, which aims to help businesses boost their online presence.

Caroline Paris at SearchIs20
The event hosted a discussion panel with Caroline and The Organic Boho on how Google products made it easier for entrepreneurs to track and grow their businesses. As well as making it easier to connect and reach foreign businesses and clients. The event was aimed at other entrepreneurs who were looking to use google products such as My Business to help grow their businesses.

On her Instagram page after the event, Caroline wrote:

can’t begin to explain how honoured I am to have been one of 2 digital small businesses selected by google to speak at their search is 20 anniversary.

Seeing Maltese businesses get recognition is always great, and we at Gadgets want to congratulate Caroline.

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