Maltese Parents’ Social Media Secrets 五


There’s a generation of new parents these days who were the early pioneers when social media was still in its infancy. Think MSN, Hi-5, Facebook’s first version…we didn’t think too much before posting back then. So, we asked around what today’s parents hope their kids never find in their social media history.

Look at this photograph…

This two-in-one reply where one respondent hopes his daughter never finds his Nickelback playlist on YouTube. His wife on the other hand was a tad more outspoken, which we absolutely love. Never compromise woman, never compromise.

And the latter opinion was seconded…

Isn’t that every parent?

Honestly, there are plenty of parents who are with you on both points!

Best left unsaid…

As a long time friend of this respondent, said photos are best left buried…

Exemplary behaviour

As professional a reply as we could have ever received. Max points here!

And the non-parents

Now that we’re here, we might as well give a voice to everyone, from those who hope to have kids one day, to those who outright don’t want the little munchkins running around, finding things they’re not supposed to.

How about you reader, anything you wouldn’t your kids to find out? Get in touch, and you might get feature next time!