Maltese Online-Only School Set For Launch


An online-only primary school is set to be inaugurated in the coming days, Education minister Owen Bonnici announced on Wednesday. Welcome addition though it may be, we’re still surprised that it took until November to launch.

Just like any other school

With place for 600 students, Education Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri stated that the school will be like any other school, where students will have to enrol. 25 teachers have been hired, and all work will be handed out and received digitally.

This initiative is aimed at students or students whose guardians are vulnerable in the current COVID climate. Official documentation will be required to prove this when students apply, as the aim is to ensure no students are left behind.

What to make of it

The MUT has backed the initiative, as they’re not only in favour of online learning, but that when things are properly planned and teachers’ working conditions are not impacted, then they’re ready to move forward hand in hand with the ministry.

What we’re wondering is why it took until November for the initiative to take come into effect. Most parents seem to be thinking the same thing, with plenty taking to Facebook to question the timing. Others also asked whether fear is a valid reason for attempting to enrol their kids into this virtual school.

As things stand, it should be reserved for those students who are vulnerable, or whose guardians are, as the ministry has stated. If the project is successful, it could be extended to more students, maybe of older ages too. But until then, let’s allow those who really need a virtual school to enrol.

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