Maltese NGO Takes Aim At Bullying Via App


As anti-bullying week reaches its climax this week, we’re taking a look at bBrave, the first anti-bullying NGO in Malta. Operating on a purely voluntary basis, the team is looking to help victims connect with the right support systems.

Helping hands

There’s a plethora of categories where bBrave offer help. From domestic abuse to workplace bullying; cyberbullying to counselling, they also aim to help the instigators deal with their own triggers. Their app is also as engaging as much as it is informative.

There are two games that help convey the anti-bullying message, developed together with the University of Malta’s Department of Computer Science. Here, bullying is tackled by reinforcing messages of positive behaviour while keeping a light-hearted feeling.

With a retro feel to them, the games are based on Greta Antignolo’s book “L-Għajnuna hi Prezzjuza” (published by Miller). Greta, a primary school teacher, is also bBrave’s President.

Join, donate, help

You can join either as an individual or as a corporate entity for you and your employees. Donations can be made in the same way, as individuals or as a business.

If you’d like to get in touch or join the cause, click any of the links above to access bBrave’s website.