Maltese MEP pushes Apple for a one-for-all charger


Apple not being environmentally-friendly

There’s been talk of having one universal charger for all devices for over a decade – with some big brands such as Apple, trying to avoid its implementation due to profit losses from selling non-universal chargers. We spoke to MEP Alex Agius Saliba to obtain more information about why the EU should continue pushing for one-for-all chargers.

Universal chargers are better for the environment

MEP Agius Saliba is pushing for one-for-all chargers since he believes it will alleviate environmental pollution. “We have more than 51,000 tons of electronic waste per year coming from chargers. A universal charger will increase convenience and reduce costs for consumers, and it will help out the environment,” said Mr Agius Saliba.

A convenient way of charging devices

Having multiple wires per device is inconvenient – especially when you need to always be connected – whether it’s to our mobile phones or our laptops. If one-for-all chargers are implemented, juicing up all our electronics will become easier and more accessible wherever you might be.

You will spend less money

By only needing one type of charger, you spend less money on multiple chargers for different charging stations. “Currently all new products come in a package with a charger, and consumers do not have any financial incentives to purchase only the product without the charger,” explained Mr Agius Saliba.

Will one-for-all chargers become implemented in the near future?

Enforcing universal chargers has been in discussion for over 10 years at European Level – however, there are still uncertainties about when the regulation will be implemented and the way in which it will be enforced. “Last week in Strasbourg during the debate, there was near-unanimity amongst all of the political groups in calling for a mandatory solution, demanding the new proposal comes within six months,” informed Mr Agius Saliba.

What about wireless charging solutions?

Wireless chargers are gaining popularity – they are both pleasant to look at, and convenient. However, this charging method is still in its early stages and it is unclear whether the technology will advance itself enough with the efficiency of wired chargers. For this reason, the European Commission is currently only looking into wired chargers.

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