Maltese Blogger Calls For Mosta Food Bank Support


Lea Hogg, a Maltese blogger, TV producer and broadcaster has called on businesses and whoever possible to help a food bank located in Mosta. Run by Nationalist MP Ivan Bartolo, this is a social issue that goes beyond politics and needs to be addressed on a deeper level.

Opening to the public

In a blog post, Hogg explains how Bartolo opens the doors of his home to the public every first Saturday of the month for those in need. What might have been a pinch before has quickly become a full-on grapple due to COVID-19. It’s a difficult situation at the best of times; imagine that exacerbated by not having enough money to pay for basic food needs.

Despite his propensity to help others, Bartolo is more than aware that providing food in this way is a short-term solution. In a bid to find a better way of solving the issue, he’s teamed up with therapist Alexandra Genovese, and together they not only provide food. They also share legal guidance, socio-economic tips as well as therapy.

If you wish to help out, you can get in touch through WhatsApp, via +356 79629259. Of course, this is no political initiative, but a societal one that will help those in need.