Maltese Artist To Extend Studio Space; Online Shop Remains Open


Stephanie Borg has made her name and style known thank to her iconic depictions of traditional Maltese elements onto otherwise regular items. From mugs to cushions, and more recently face masks, despite a momentary closing of physical doors until August, her online shop is open 24/7!

Endless variety

It’s easy to find yourself among the endless options on the website’s shop. From the traditional Maltese tile patterns to colourful Maltese doors, as well as our lesser-known wrought iron patterns, there’s not much stopping the Maltese artist’s creativity.

Of course, with the sheer amount of choices available, these prints make for the perfect gift for pretty much any occasion. Better yet, delivery comes with the option of gift wrapping and personal notes, all set to the unique design that is Stephanie’s.

Despite having to temporarily close her studio doors until August, it’s all so that she expand the space and have more items on display!

Inspirational Malta

The works on show, both on exhibition and available via the store, serve as a reminder of what Malta from days gone by has to offer. There’s beauty to be found almost anywhere, and when it’s readily available locally and can be shipped worldwide, then having it add a dash of colour to your life makes it priceless.

Do we need more artists to be like Stephanie, taking inspiration from local designs?