Malta’s Snazziest Eatery Opens In Dingli 🤩


The same people who re-imagined the Maltese buses last year, Mizzi Studio took on their first commercial project, which takes us to Dingli. Brand new eatery Barbajean is designed to celebrate the joy and tradition of eating and drinking, things we Maltese are pretty good at.

The perfect blend

There’s a fantastic blend to the eatery. The location is perfect, in terms of Dingli being “the modest and slow-paced way of life that is so typical of Malta,” as explained by Jonathan Mizzi, director at Mizzi Studio. The inside then carries the much-loved elements of European Art-Deco bistros…and yet, the mixing of cultures happens seamlessly.

“We created a statement corner landmark that respects its surroundings and pays tribute to Had-Dingli’s village identity” – Jonathan Mizzi

Local artist Ed Dingli was also commissioned for the indoor art pieces, themselves celebrating norms of days gone by, designed in a contemporary style. Merely looking at the photos already instils a feeling of calmness, and we can’t wait to visit in person.

The endgame

“We envisioned Barbajean as a pitstop or end destination that might weave into long walks within the region’s beautiful landscape”, continues Jonathan. Eatery owner Jean Pierre Dingli was not only effusive in his praise for the end product, but the work that went into it from day one.

“Their attention to detail, love of materials and deep interest in craftsmanship matched our own distinct vision for a versatile eatery”, he said. It’s the perfect melange of heritage pride and excitement of new horizons. At this stage, there are only two questions that need to be answered.

When are we going, and will it be pronounced “Barbajean” or the Maltese “Barbaġann”? 🦉