She Did WHAT?! Malta’s Queen of Pop Reveals Her Goofier Side on Tech Away!


When it comes to local celebs, it doesn’t get bigger than Ira Losco, a household name since her groundbreaking Eurovision debut in 2002. A hit-maker, a trend-setter, and an X-Factor judge all in one, the woman is truly Malta’s own Madonna. So the Tech-Away gang couldn’t be more excited to chow down and chat with the ever-lovely Ira.

Another Side of Ira

Despite the star power, Ira’s isn’t afraid to reveal her goofier side and chat about some embarrassing past stories. We’ll hear what her friends and family had to say about her without her knowing – one of them describing her as “really loud, qisha terremot”.  

Ira will also show us a few of her comedy skills with a compilation of her hilarious selfie videos. We still can’t believe it’s her behind the filter! You’ll find out which movie makes her cry every time, and which ‘Minions’ character she does an insanely good impression of. 

WATCH EXCLUSIVE: Ira Losco’s Compilation of her Snapchat Filtered Videos

One of Us Chickened Out

If you’re hungry, better stop reading now, because the food this week would get anyone drooling. Justin opts for a Kebab wrap from Kebab Ji, Ira goes for noodles from Dr Juice, while Rachel gets Chicken and Waffles ( yeah, boomers, it’s a thing!) from Ira’s own hubby’s place, Crust. What about Gadgetina? Well she said she’s on a diet while eating with her eyes everyone’s food…Ira was quite sceptical about this fact!  

Counting the Blessings

We also get some insights into Ira’s homelife during this isolation period: how she’s keeping creative with her boy Harry (who, it turns out, was almost called ‘Guy’) as well as an Instagram Challenge she’s taking part in, where she reveals things she’s thankful for every day. That’s something we’ve definitely gotta try. Nothing wrong with positivity!

Of course, our girl Ira has yet another award under her belt: A Bay Music Award for Best Video, for ‘Cannonball’. Congrats!  To celebrate with us, tuck in this week on Tech Away. You’ll be hungry for more.