Malta’s Pleasant Surprises In 2020


In a year full of surprises (especially from March onward), it was difficult to choose just 5. These are 5 stories we reported on that we’ve found difficult to forget.

Working from home

We adapted so quickly to working from home, it’s amazing how we never went for it sooner. Traffic was reduced, stress levels went down and work output either remained the same or increased. Meet the new way forward.


At first it seemed to be creeping under the radar, but in a matter of months, Malta Pastizziposting (The First) became a 30,000 member group. It has raised the meme quality our island offers, and there are some seriously talented people doing their best to make everyone else smile.


Usually, here in Malta we’re a bit slow on the trend uptake, but not with TikTok. We jumped aboard that ship and it is sailing strongly. From The Boys to Clubhouse Europe, and every content creator in between, keep the creativity flowing.

Women’s National Team

Positive results after years of hard work should not come as a surprise, to be honest, but our women’s team exceeded expectations in their Euro 2022 qualifying campaign. Is 2021 the year they take it a step further?

Sex talk

Let’s face it, sex has been a taboo in Malta for far longer than it should have, but we seem to be making our way out of that cave slowly. From one couple’s OnlyFans to a Maltese TikTok account that teaches sexual education, we’re finally discussing the subject more. Prosit.

What surprised you in 2020? Let us know in the comments section!