Malta’s Got Talent: The Best Judges For The Job


We’re pretty sure you’ve heard that Malta’s Got Talent is set to hit our screens soon, replacing X Factor as a prime entertainment source. Whether you’re sharpening your skillset or calibrating your critique, there’s plenty we can’t wait for. There’s a lot yet to be announced, and this is our take.

No X Factor, but Talent aplenty

It’s been confirmed that one show will replace the other, but is it just a question of logistics and timing? We’ve probably become conditioned to expecting singers to perform on these kinds of shows, so this is the opportunity for change. Singers will probably still be allowed to participate, but we can expect dance troupes, soloists and hopefully a refreshing shot of characters just waiting to make their name in the industry… and take home the €25,000 prize.

Judging the Judges

You could almost classify the judging of judges as a national hobby during the X Factor seasons, whether it’s outfit choices or opinions. Therefore, we’re expecting a similar outcome for MGT, but with no indication of who will host and who will form the judging panel, we’ve gone ahead with possible candidates.

Rachel Cachia

We’ll keep the family theme going with our very own Rachel. A smile to light up any room and a knack for asking the right questions, she’d make the perfect host or judge!

Timothy Alden

Newly appointed PD leader and helping raise Malta’s meme game as a Malta Pastizziposting moderator, Mr Alden’s got an eye for the weird and wonderful. Should he swap seats with his sister? Also, could Luke Azzopardi conjure a bespoke suit to suit him up? Watch this space.

Carina Camilleri

Since Ben’s made his mark as host already, maybe we shouldn’t look too far for a replacement. As long as Carina keeps her balance and doesn’t fall over, we figure she’ll be fine.

David Grech Urpani

Lovin’ Malta writer, DJ, musician and Yeezy aficionado, DGU‘s the guy with an eye for the rough diamonds and is never afraid to speak the truth.

Gianni Zammit

Honestly, who else? He’s done it all and then some, so he’s definitely got the credentials for it. The real question is how quickly he’d hit the golden buzzer if someone does a Kiss or Foo Fighters cover.

Who else should be on this list? Honourable mentions go to Eileen Montesin, Charmaine Gauci, Nate Darmanin and Peter Carbonaro, but tell us who you feel should be there!