Malta’s Drone Regulations Explained


The introduction of drone regulation came into effect at the end of 2020, and though it may appear daunting at first, you’ll understand pretty soon that they’re there to protect pilots and the public alike. We’ve simplified them, but for more comprehensive reading, you can visit this page.

For starters

Malta’s got plenty of hotspots that make for great drone photos or filming. That being said, here’s what you need to know about the legislation. First and foremost, they apply to both commercial and non-commercial drone use. So, whether used for fun or income, these laws apply equally to all.

For starters, you need to note the drone’s weight. If it’s below 250g and does not contain a recording device, then it does not require registration or insurance. This doesn’t mean you should pilot it recklessly, so make sure you’re playing nice.

Now, if the drone weighs over 250g, or under 250g but has a recording device, you will need to register it here. Make sure you’ve got third-party insurance too, and you’ll be given a certificate like this one here with your name on it.

The categories

There are three categories, which are Open, Specific and Certified. Each one has certain parameters under which a drone falls. The specifics are plenty, but know that they are classified via weight, size and purpose among other things. As mentioned earlier, you can get all the deets from here, or if something’s not quite clear, you can e-mail Transport Malta via

These laws, like other laws, will be upheld by law enforcement officers adequately trained to ensure that all standards are being met.

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The future

An interesting point mentioned in the regulations covers people-carrying drones. With proposals for bridges and tunnels between Malta and Gozo, or tram system, could these drones be a different solution? Check out the UK’s proposal here, which should be completed by November this year!

Do you agree with the drone regulations put in place? Would you sit in a taxi drone? Tell us in the comments!