Malta’s Digital Nomad Permit: How Language Niche Can Benefit


The news that Malta’s aiming to become a global hotspot for digital nomads is welcomed with open arms, but how soon could we start to see benefits from this? Negozju, a local business-oriented YouTube podcast, has a series focusing on startup stories, and one startup, in particular, feels that this is a golden opportunity.

Travel to study industry

Boom Malta is an educational counselling agency, created by and for Spanish speakers, as described on their website. Considering there are some 450 million Spanish speaking people around the world, it’s a particularly lucrative market, Boom Malta’s business model is an interesting one that’s set to make the most of the digital nomad residency plan.

As co-founder Joaquin Pinto explained, the current establishments for English language teaching in Malta have been here for quite some time, and therefore have a more traditional approach. “Now the community is more agile, more nomad, it’s not at all the same interests and the same needs”, he revealed.

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When pressed for his thoughts on the digital nomad market in Malta, Joaquin is hopeful. “It’s very good that Malta is working on the nomad visa because it’s something you’d need if you’re not an EU citizen”. He expanded his thoughts by referencing the United States and Canada, where if you’re going to compete with these countries, you need to have base conditions such as this working visa.

Building on a solid foundation

Malta has great potential to position itself as a hotspot for digital nomads, Joaquin went on; the government needs to keep its promise of investing in the area, because the natural conditions are already here to attract digital nomads.

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He also cited the approachability of Alex Muscat, Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship, as a major plus when asking for more details regarding the Nomad Residence Permit. “He explained about the different possibilities that Malta has to offer for foreigners…this was great because we had information…that suits the needs of our customers very well,” Joaquin states.

Watch the full interview below!