Malta’s Content Creators To Look Out For


Away from the more household names that are Content Kings on the island, we’ve done some digging on a couple of names that might just be the next break-through content creators to breath new life into our Insta scrolling!

Food, glorious food

Nic from The Craving Gal could quite soon be the go-to person when it comes to satisfying food cravings. Whether it’s eating out (when that becomes a thing again) or whipping up a recipe, she’s one to keep an eye on!

Rising star

Amy Borg is fast reaching new heights, and even posted her first give-away a couple of weeks ago! Also, eyes open for any post with Cali the Frenchie. Guaranteed to steal hearts.

Jack of all trades…

And master of plenty! Kelly Busuttil, for those who know her, is a force of nature ready to conquer whatever challenges are placed in front of her. Sports, music and dance fanatic, she’s also added yoga and photography to her list of activities as well as voice coaching. Who’s to say that’s where she stops?

Bust a move

Creative director at Dance Lab Malta, Luke Brincat might just be the definition of content creator. What’s refreshing is his brutal honesty even at his own expense, which is inspirational in its own way. Just because something didn’t turn out the way you expected, gather the feedback, improve and move on.

Cool ride

There’s something about BMX’s counter-culture charm that no matter who you are, it will still appeal to you in some way. Aaron Grixti‘s tricks on Insta are capturing attention and imagination, so there’s no reason for it to slow down any time soon.

Oh snap!

Fashion photographer, wine and whiskey aficionado and art lover, Bernard Polidano‘s images seem mostly aimed to provoke. And it’s exactly what’s needed. Long may it continue.

What do you think of these content creators? Is there anyone we missed? Let us know in the comments!