Malta’s Anti-Abortion Law Mentioned In Viral TikTok Video


A long-standing debate that will rage on, especially in Malta, is that of abortion. For better or worse, the important thing is that discussions are taking place, and social media is key in fuelling these exchanges.

The role of social media

Social media is pretty much the centre stage when it comes to debates. Facebook groups, Twitter threads, WhatsApp chats are the new mouthpieces, and of course, TikTok is no different. The latest arrival, TikTok offers a creative space from where to relay your message, which is what the.sisofficial did.

The title “5 Sexist Laws You Won’t Believe Exist” is pretty damning, but then again, so are the laws they talk about. In Malta, the blanket law on abortion means that it is completely illegal, even if someone’s life is in danger.

What needs to be discussed?

The most pressing concern is of course when someone’s life is threatened by a pregnancy. At the moment gynaecologists use legal loopholes instead of adequate procedures to “terminate” ectopic pregnancies, for example.

These loopholes, however, almost nullify the possibility of having children in the future. A doctor might have to make a decision on the spot, yet their hands are tied because of the current legislation, and that deserves an informed discussion at the least.

So, if social media can aid the discussion take place, and give as many people as possible the change to voice their educated opinions, then at least it’s being used for the right reasons.