Malta’s 3D Printing Community has teamed up to help Mater Dei save lives!


We’ve all heard of 3D printing by now, and we’ve all seen our fair share of creations made with these printers. Lots of people were left wondering what use does 3D printing have in our daily lives? Well, here’s Malta’s 3D Printing community showing us how effective it can be!

Mater Dei needs masks, workers need masks, a lot of people need masks during this COVID-19 pandemic, but the demand has exceeded supply and lots of people were left struggling.

Invent3D and multiple other 3D printing companies/enthusiasts teamed up to start creating face shields to protect healthcare workers and any other public workers that need them, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It started with the design being made by David Sciberras and being distributed FREELY as an open-source design and started making the rounds with the 3D Printing community.

This gained a lot of attention and quickly made the rounds across Facebook. Incidentally, Klaus Conrad of Headstart Technologies was looking for 3D makers to take part in a similar initiative, and thus, ideas started spewing forth between David and Klaus to start an operation of 3D printed face shields.

This gained a lot of attention, with undivided support from everyone, with Kickstarter donations, endorsements and sponsors from various companies, including the U.S. Embassy!

Since it’s conception, many have benefitted from the effort, including hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, the police and others.

The best part about this all is that masks are given for free to Mater Dei and the costs of production are covered by private sales (like to supermarkets, armed forces, etc.) sponsors and crowd-funding.

This initiative eventually got the attention of the government, where aid was given by installing a printer farm in the Żabbar Primary School, with other 75 printers for production! The amount produced daily would reach almost 500, and the more 3D printers give their aid, the more face shields they produce.

Invent3D is investing a lot of time and effort to help Malta when it needs it the most, and we all could learn a thing or two from them!

If you’re interested in helping the cause, or know someone that can, read what they had to say about it from their IndieGoGo page:

“If anyone can offer help, please get it touch on +356 9922 4425 at anytime during the day or night.

David has a family, employees.  And he’s doing it for free. If you’re still earning money, give some for him to be able to help others. Revolut works, just MSG David and Alexandra on +356 9922 4425. Thanks to our lovely *electricity and water* company, these 3D printers NEED electricity, they need also materials. All your help is appreciated, and if you can’t afford it, share this.”

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