Malta Takes the Silver Medal for Online Shopping in Europe

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During a conference that launched a new initiative from the MCA, MCCAA, ECCMalta and the Parliament secretariat for financial services, digital economy and innovation, we heard some shocking (yet good) statistics saying that Malta does the second most online shopping within Europe.

With this being said, there is still a large percentage of the population that isn’t too comfortable with buying online. Due to this uncertainty within a part of the population, these organisations have taken the initiative to address the problems some Maltese might have with online shopping. The European consumer centre stated that they get over 600 complaints every year, with 80% of them being related to e-commerce.

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The courses are going to be held at three venues, namely the Birkirkara Local Council, Kunsill Nazzjonali tan-nisa and Atlam Sub Aqua Club. The aim of these courses is to bring the consumer into control and provide certainty when buying online. To spread the knowledge on the consumer’s rights and the online vendor’s duties. These efforts will help the consumers learn more about how to use e-commerce websites.

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