Malta Police Force Issues Reminder About E-Kick Scooter Laws


When e-kick scooters made their way to local shores, many saw them as a smart and environmentally friendly way of getting around the island while also avoiding traffic jams and busy roads. However, there’s been a distinct lack of law observation as well as ensuring that these laws relating to e-kick scooters are being observed.

Will it get worse before getting better?

One issue many of us have come across is the way these scooters are “parked”, and that’s using the term in the loosest manner possible. It’s more a case of riders creatively abandoning them in the most annoying and occasionally dangerous way. Check this one out, for example.

May be an image of one or more people, street and road

Though it’s not blocking the entire pavement, it is blocking access to the ramp, which could cause issues for people in wheelchairs crossing the road, or even walking up and down that same pavement. Of course, this is but one scenario.

Before the year is out, probably everyone will have a story to tell about which awkward place an e-scooter was left. It would require stopping the offender at source, or maybe the respective companies create better access to an increased amount of parking/charging bays.

The thing is, how much worse do things need to be before something is done?

What the law states

The Malta Police Force shared on its Facebook page what the law states, and in summary, it’s pretty clear that most riders are breaking the law.

One person per ride is already an oft-broken rule, but possibly the biggest peeve we’ve got right now is the parking, and it’s in stark contrast to what is seen on a daily basis. Though they may be parked on pavements, they should not block or impede pedestrian flow in any manner.

When it comes to actually drive the scooter, the law clearly states that they cannot be driven through tunnels or underpasses, and when on the road, they must travel in single file, as far to the left as possible and in the direction that traffic is flowing. It’s also illegal to ride them while using headphones or any gadget which can impede hearing in any way.

Riders are also obliged to wear high visibility vests at all times between sunset and sunrise when driving. For the full legislation, visit this page.

Do you see these laws broken with regularity, or are these infringements decreasing?