WATCH: Malta Hits The Podium In The Flyboard World Cup

flyboard malta world champ

Malta has hit the podium at the World Cup. Simon Desira of Flyboard Malta made the podium to pick up his prize for finishing 3rd place at the Flyboard World Cup, hosted by Zapata. The World Cup took place in France and saw the world’s greatest Flyboarders flying in from all corners of the world to try their chances in winning the Flyboard World Cup.

What is Flyboarding?

Apart from possibly being the most badass sport ever, flyboarding is basically a water-powered jetpack that allows you to hover, fly, jump and flip with the power of water, in the water.

Here is a feature we filmed a few years ago where we got to try out Flyboarding.

Simon Desira and his wife Joanne Desira are the action couple behind Flyboard Malta and loads of other next-generation gadgets such as the OneWheel and the Hoverboard.

Well done to Simon & Joanne for promoting and taking part in such an awesome and groundbreaking sport!

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