Go, Girls! The Malta Girl Guides change the game with their Online Elections


Elections are usually complicated, time consuming affairs. Not only must you somehow persuade people to come to the ballots, but staff members can spend hours on end toting up votes. 

Well, the Malta Girl Guides Association may have found a pretty neat solution: an online voting platform called ‘ElectionBuddy’. 

This was implemented out of necessity, due to COVID-19, for their recent election for a new Chief Commissioner and National Board. The Girl Guides association was pleased to find that ElectionBuddy not only made voting safer but brought a much bigger response. 

Stephanie Anastasi, the newly elected Chief Commissioner (congrats, Stephanie!), tells us:

“It was very well received by our members, and we received great feedback. There was certainly an increase in the voting power, with 78% of our members voting. We are looking very seriously into using this platform in future years”

Claire Duff, the MGG member who oversaw the election process, noted the valuable speed on the online system

“ElectionBuddy allows you to get data and statistics from the election automatically, which saves a lot of time.”

MGG is not the first organization to use ElectionBuddy. The University of Malta has previously used it for Student Elections too. Thousands of organizations around the globe are seeing the benefits of online voting platforms. With our increased concern for health and social distancing, it’s perfect for the current climate, while also being  more inclusive to those who are disabled or abroad.

When it comes to a modern, clean solution to elections, online voting is sure to get our, well, vote!