Malta Giant Company Hotjar Joins Forces With International Gurus Contentsquare


Some companies in Malta are flourishing, to the extent of being internationally endorsed through their work with established foreign companies.

7-year-old Malta-based Hotjar is one of those companies and has recently joined forces with an international stronghold of a company that is Content Square.

It’s getting HOTjar in here

Hotjar boasts the trust of 900,000 organisations, across 180 countries; working with some of the most popular platforms out there. Naming a few – Nintendo, Adobe, Hubspot and Air Canada.

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Hotjar has built itself a solid reputation in its development of a range of analytical tools for businesses. The qualitative data gathered would then be used to study online behaviour towards the betterment of customer online experience.

The more, the merrier…and wiser?

Paris-founded Contentsquare company represents a similar industry to Hotjar, where different analytical tools are used to improve online user relevance, experience and engagement.

Contentsquare has become an international giant in the industry and has worked with even more major companies such as Microsoft, Walmart and Clarks.

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Hotjar CEO David Darmanin

As the two are now joining forces, Hotjar’s Founder and Chairman David Darmanin says, “both companies share a lot in common.” Still the companies’ different visions and ways of operating means that they can learn from each others’ strengths and make the company even bigger.

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