Calling All Electric Vehicle Owners: Malta’s First EV Meetup!

electric vehicle meetup

We knew this was the beginning of something special when we reviewed our first electric vehicle, the Renault Zoe. After reviewing the Zoe, we looked into reasons why people weren’t going for electric cars as their next ride of choice. It turned out that people thought they were more expensive than they actually are (after Government grants).

Malta has finally joined the electric car movement. The first electric car meetup locally called Electrified is coming soon. Electrified, will be held on the 12th August from 11 am until around 5 pm. This meetup will bring e-drive enthusiasts and provide a much-needed platform to socialise and exchange information about their experiences using electric vehicles.

Electric cars Malta meetup

The meetup, organised by Nick Anderson has no intentions of making money off the event and simply wishes to provide a place and time where people can network within the electric vehicle community.

The meetup will start at the Valletta Waterfront carpark and will go on until the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal.

Tell anyone with an electric vehicle about the event and share the event with your friends! Everyone is welcome, let’s kick-start the electric vehicle movement as soon as possible!

Tag a friend with an electric vehicle so they can go to the meetup!