Malta Finally Gets Its First Self-Checkout Supermarket ๐Ÿ›’


Saying that supermarkets had to step-up their game this year is an understatement. From the panic buying in March/April, readdressing stock levels and online shopping, itโ€™s been quite a year. For Greens though, not only have they taken it in their stride, theyโ€™ve also taken it to the next level.

No contact, no problem

Greens will have the honour of becoming the first supermarket in Malta to have self-checkout machines. With everything becoming contactless, itโ€™s a natural step thatโ€™s been planned for prior to the pandemic. Still, itโ€™s a welcome move in any case. Itโ€™s quicker, more efficient overall and more hygienic too.

Above all of that, however, no employees will be laid off with this new system. On the contrary, theyโ€™ve got promotions lined up that see them take up positions in customer care & support, online shopping and other areas needed around the supermarket.

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