Malta Chamber Of Construction Launch: Much Needed, As Long As It Works


Wednesday 4th August saw the official launch of the Malta Chamber of Construction Management, which was established one year ago but truly comes to fruition now. In a country where the construction industry appears rampant at times, an entity such as this is sorely needed, provided it works and holds the industry to the higher standards this country deserves.

Stating the purpose

On the MCCM website, the mission statement is a pledge that professional standards, ethics and advancements in science, technology and integrity are met and if possible exceeded. Of course, words come easy, and ensuring the promises are kept will be no mean feat.

Presided by Jesmond Chetcuti, the MCCM is the voice of construction managers at the various levels operating in Malta and beyond. The idea is to establish an influence in terms of policies and regulations that impact the industry and their impact on the common good.

Addressing those in attendance, Chectcuti said “The MCCM will be representing the various levels of construction management. MCCM is very pleased to have reached this agreement with the highly reputable Malta Chamber. This close collaboration will help to address issues of concerns and the finding of solutions”.


With this in mind, the two entities will co-operate actively on matters of national economic policy with respect to the community of construction management, architecture and civil engineering and the upholding of business ethics while promoting best practices amongst members of both organizations, and the general public.

Caroline Gumble, Chartered Institute Of Building Chief Executive, also stated: “We have undertaken to think about the challenges and take responsibility to do what we can as individuals to ensure the quality of the built environment”.

All that’s left is to (hopefully) watch Malta’s construction industry go from strength to strength, in as sustainable a way as possible.

Will this help improve Malta’s state of construction, or is it too little too late?