Malta-Based Health & Fitness App Secures €250K Funding


If you’re looking to start a life of improved fitness and wellbeing, but not sure where to start, there’s an app for that. Based in Malta, Few is an app that connects health and fitness professionals to customers. Here’s how it works and how it secured €250,000 in funding from Malta Enterprise!

Top-class instructions

With over 1,600 downloads, Few connects app users to more than 50 health and wellbeing practitioners, with services including boxing, yoga, and meditation among others.

For these practitioners, the app provides guidance on how to grow their business and serve their clients better. Integrated support services like scheduling software, payments, and a supportive practitioner community all form part of the app, allowing these service providers opportunities like never before.

On the client’s side, there are no membership headaches and booking is made easy, taking away some of the hassle that comes with trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s a great app that helps get you started on the new track you wish to embark on.

Confirming Malta’s potential

App co-founder and Few CEO Jamie North said the opportunities that come with this investment can launch this service to new markets. “We’re delighted and grateful to receive the Malta Enterprise funding, which will allow us to put into place the plans we have for the Maltese health and fitness market”.

He also paid tribute to Malta’s beautiful natural settings, allowing many to practice wellbeing outdoors. The app, he explained, also helps practitioners achieve their dreams of making their passion become their profession.

For Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia, the success of this app confirms “the potential of Malta serving as a test base, as well as the potential of the islands to host startups”. The eventual aim is to secure Malta Enterprise and Malta in general as entities that “constantly upgrade to ensure the needs of startups are being attended to”.

Looking to kickstart your fitness regime? Try Few! Available on Apple Store and Google Play.