Malta As Seen From Above During The Night & Day


There’s something beautiful about spotting Malta from the skies above. Whether it’s the joy of seeing our own country gain some international recognition, or the fact that 316 km² of rock became visible, two space shots are making the rounds, and we’re loving them!

Day time…

There’s an eleven-second (downloadable) clip of Malta as seen from the ISS, and it comes a week or so after the momentous historical moment where Malta had it’s first-ever space mission. This image, provided to us by the ever-gracious Professor Joseph Borg, was actually sourced by the Twitter account “ISS Above”.

Sharing GIFs of the countries and cities the ISS happens to be passing over at a given moment, the account owner took the time to praise Professor Borg and his team, reminding us that the ISS, together with Project Maleth on board, passes over us at least seven times a day!

Strangers in the night

The nighttime shot, at first sight, shows Malta illuminated as though by fireflies, but there’s a hidden melancholy to the shot; the amount of light on display in the darker hours. Malta’s South is quite literally shining, probably owing to the port activities in Marsaxlokk.

Is this a worrying sign of things to come, or should we be focusing on the more poetic aspects of these images?